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The items we cover in the brewing industry include Brewing, Carbonated Drinks, Juices, Coffee Liquors, and Wine.

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The items we cover in the bio-pharmaceutical industry include Blood and Plasma Processing, Creams and Ointments, Ferment, Injections, and Ultra Filtration.

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Chemical and Industry

The items we cover in the chemical industry include Chemical Transfer, Raw Ingredients, and Solvent Recovery.

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The items we cover in the dairy industry include Milk, Cheese, Curd & Whey, Fromage Frais, Yogurt, and Yogurt Fruits.

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The items we cover in the food industry include Confectionary, Cooked Soft Fruits, Egg Products, Meat Products, Pie Fillings, Sauces, and Vegetables.

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Personal Care

The items we cover in the personal industry include Cosmetics, Hair Care Products, Mascara, Shower & Shaving Liquids, Skin Care Products, and Toothpastes.

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